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  • If I do not get the email I bought, what should I do?

    You can check in the SPAM email, you can enter the PRINT TICKET tab in the main screen and place your ID number. Or you can call us at the registered phone numbers on the website

  • What happens if there was a purchase error and my card was debited?

    You must contact us by call or WhatsApp +593 962150505

  • What happens if there was a purchase error and my card was debited?

    If it exists, the cost will be reflected in the electronic payment payment screen and the collection of this additional value is authorized and regulated by the National Transit Agency.

  • Is it possible to change or cancel a ticket already purchased?

    NO, tickets purchased through this website can not be exchanged or returned. The power for this decision is found in the terms and conditions of the service

  • With what time can you buy a ticket?

    It can usually be purchased a week in advance and up to 3 hours before the bus leaves

  • What happens if a search does not deliver results?

    The tickets may have ended for that day, or there are no more shifts available. Try choosing another day to get results

  • Is it possible to book a ticket?

    NO, only allows purchases

  • Is it possible to book a ticket?

    DO NOT. In case you require a valid tax receipt, on the initial page you will find the option to download your electronic invoice

  • How does the debit that was made appear on my statement?

    As a consumption of PMZ NIMBUSOFT MULTIPASAJES

  • Can you buy a ticket from another country?

    Yes, through international credit or debit cards

  • Can you buy half tickets?

    NO, only full tickets are sold online, and this is guaranteed by the Agencia Nacional de Transito

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